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Wrap Skirt

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Silk Wrap Skirt

Sari Wrap Skirt

100% Silk

One Size Fits All Silk Wrap Skirt
From 0 to 20 True to Size

Description: Reversible Autumn stunner.

First Layer:  Deep dark taupe on beautiful pure raw silk.  Gold woven leaf motifs throughout the fabric.  Elegant and classy!

Reversible Layer:  Deep burnt orange on thick and think interwoven raw silk. Special and rare hand dyed and just awesome!  There are hand tie and dye details throughout this layer all those creme little circular squares you see were all tied by hand how cool is that?  Light orange mustard hand dyed detail on the bottom of this side as well.  Just gorgeous!

Drape: A Line

Length and Width: 27 inches in length and 70 inches wide.


• 100% Silk
• One of a Kind
• One Size Fits All
• Can be worn with any top and footwear (T-Shirt Sweater Sandals to Boots!)
• Drapes Beautifully on Any Body Size
Can be worn in Different Ways
• Reversible
• Made With Over 13 Feet of Pure Silk
• Machine Washable/ Hand Washable
• Classic and Timeless



• US - 0 - 20
• EU - 0 - 48
• UK - 0 - 20

I make the wrap with 2 layers (top and bottom pieces) so that means you are wrapped in over 17 feet of pure 100% silk! You don't have to worry about having a Marilyn moment with the wind ladies ;-) you are fully wrapped. Each skirt can be worn up to 6 different ways and each skirt is one of a kind (something every girl loves!). A wonderful and colorful compliment to your existing wardrobe as they are elegant fun and functional. You can wear for any occasion and any time of year. Dress it up with a silk blouse or keep it casual with a simple tee. To top it all off each one can be worn in different ways!



Thanks for looking and don't hesitate to contact me with any further questions!