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Satin Bamboo Wrap Skirt

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100% Bamboo Silk :: Hand Dyed ::

One Size Fits All Wrap Skirt
From 0 to 20 True to Size

Description:  Smooth and silky satin bamboo fabric.  Black background with deep pink and bright blue daisy flowers.  Regal and fun at the same time.  A great addition to your wardrobe.

Drape: Flowing



Length and Width: 27 inches in length and 70 inches wide.

• 100% Bamboo Viscose Silk
• One Size Fits All
• Can be worn with any top and footwear (T-Shirt Sweater Sandals to Boots!)
• Drapes Beautifully on Any Body Size
• Can be worn in Different Ways ( for videos!)
• Made With Over 6 Feet of Bamboo Fabric
• Machine Washable/ Hand Washable
• Classic and Timeless
• Eco Friendly Dyes



• US - 0 - 18
• EU - 0 - 48
• UK - 0 - 20

Bamboo feels just like silk as it is soft and smooth against the skin.  Bamboo keeps you cool and dry and drapes just like silk. Compared to 100% silk it is more practical as it is machine washable (gentle cycle).  It is also more resistant to wrinkling than silk.  

Each skirt can be worn up to 3 different ways and each skirt is one of a kind (something every girl loves!). A wonderful and colorful compliment to your existing wardrobe as they are elegant fun and functional. You can wear for any occasion and any time of year. Dress it up with a silk blouse or keep it casual with a simple tee. To top it all off each one can be worn in different ways! Check out for videos. 


Why Bamboo vs Cotton?  Cotton is one of the most intensely sprayed crops in the world.  Cotton pesticides are the greatest crop contributor to volatile organic compounds in the environment. Cotton requires wide spacing to grow allowing bare soil to oxidize in the sun releasing carbon into the atmosphere allowing rain to wash soil and chemicals into streams thus decreasing soil fertility.  Bamboo on the other hand takes in five times the volume of greenhouse gasses as an equivalent stand of timber trees and releases 35% more oxygen. It needs no replanting pesticides or fertilizers and its roots retain water in the watershed sustaining riverbanks and reducing water pollution. 

Thanks for looking and don't hesitate to contact me with any further questions!