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Handwoven Raw Silk :: Wrap Skirt


One Size Fits All Wrap

Hand Printed Silk Wrap Skirt


Description: Incredible soft handwoven raw silk with IKAT and Japanese inspired prints all done by hand!


1st Layer : Classic IKAT dyeing technique print in unique orange violet green and steel blue.

2nd Layer:  Lovely soft violet base with steel blue Japanese crescents throughout.

Drape: Flowing

Length :: 30 inches in length and 70 inches wide.

Pair this beautiful skirt with your favorite tee or tank sweater...let your own style shine with these unique skirts. Each one looks so elegant with heels and even flip flops. A wonderful traveling skirt wedding skirt party skirt you name it! Happy Shopping :-)


• 100% Silk
• One of a Kind
• One Size Fits All
• Can be worn with any style top and footwear (T-Shirt Sweater Sandals to Boots!)
• Drapes Beautifully on Any Body Size
• Can be worn in Different Ways
• Reversible
• Made With Over 13 Feet of Pure Silk
• Machine Washable/ Hand Washable
• Classic and Timeless



• US - 0 - 18
• EU - 0 - 48
• UK - 0 - 20

Thanks for looking and don't hesitate to contact me with any further questions!